Mateusz J. Ferens

Byzantine Studies | Art History
Visual and Material Culture | Bioethics


Get to know me:

I am an educator and researcher in art history and  visual culture. I specialize in areas of Byzantine and Medieval Studies, Comparative Religions, Philosophy, and Bioethics.

I believe that our visual world, our art and our material and visual cultures, have shaped and continue to shape our sense of belonging, our moralities, and our understanding of what it means to be human. For this reason, I promote the study of the visual world through cultural, psychological, and philosophical lenses to better understand ourselves and to foster empathetic growth.

I encourage you to explore my work on this site, and I welcome your comments and feedback.

How to Contact Me

For questions or comments related to my academic work, please use my contact information located on the U.W. Madison's Art History Department website: (

For all other questions or comments, please use the link below.